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Broadstairs Beach holiday apartments are situated on a most romantic and unique sandy beach near London called Kingsgate Bay. They are family managed by the owners for twenty years. The holiday accommodations are part of a 250-year old Georgian Mansion. All are comfortably furnished and include books, videos and games. Every room has spectacular views either out to sea and the chalk cliffs or towards the Victorian garden at the back of the house.  There is an ever-changing scene seascape with the tides, fascinating seabirds and ships to watch either from the windows or the beach directly in front of your self-catering apartments.

TAKE A BIKE RIDE A good idea is to bring your own bicycles with you, but you can also hire in Margate or Ramsgate. There is a well laid out bicycle path called the Viking Coastal Trail which runs along just in front of your seaside holiday apartments and the views you will gain are just breath-taking.
PLAY GOLF OR TENNIS You’ll have opportunities to play golf or play tennis straight behind the seaside resort on the North Foreland Golf Course. Go riding at the nearby riding stables opposite the lighthouse.
ENJOY THE CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA At the nearby Pub, you can enjoy a fresh Ale whilst your children enjoy themselves inside or outside at the Broadstairs Captain Digby children’s play area. Or just stroll towards Botany Bay Hotel (about 500m away) and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Kingsgate Bay an unforgettable experience

Here you will find the sea in front, an old castle (Kingsgate Castle) to your right and a comfortable family pub Captain Digby to your left. The rear of the holiday apartment is surrounded by the North Foreland Golf course, which is overlooked by the nearby North Foreland Lighthouse. The famous surfing and holiday beach Joss Bay is right next to Kingsgate Bay. 

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From £75 / night

A minimum of two-night bookings apply.

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Discover our beautiful coastline and Kent, the garden of England.

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Explore the many friendly Pubs and Restaurants in our area.